1. A

    Process Summary

    Ok let's see if I got this right, please correct any mistake to see if I understood if you see question marks it means im not sure of my statement. 1st step is to buy dumps from the internet, paying from 5 to 20 dollars. You receive track 1 and track 2, full name of owner and other possible...
  2. A

    2 Big Questions Advice

    Hi I'm new to carding and gathering info. Here's my questions: 1. I heard about non-vbv and vbv cards and the struggle to find non-vbv, but if so, why don't just buy Mastercard dumps or another type of card? - 2. I'm in a telegram group (in my same european country) of a guy who claims to sell...
  3. Brother

    Get my money back, ATM

    It happens that a seemingly familiar thing meets with such a twist, after which you start to look at this thing completely differently. So it happened for me... a couple of years I was withdrawing money from a card in a hundred places and did not know the troubles... and then I came to one town...
  4. whiteman2kk

    Dumps 101 + 201

    Any good website or vendors with fresh skimmed Dumps 101 or 201 from EU ATM please 'DM' me ASAP !!! I am looking for EU-SPAIN🇪🇸 DUMPS 💳💰🔥🧨🚀
  5. I

    How to generate ATR?

    Hello, I've been into carding recently, everything is prepared and fine. But I do have one question, how to generate ATR code of victims bank? I've search this long list of ATR codes from the ATRTOOL 2.0, but sadly I do not see the ATR code for it. It is Bank Millennium from Poland, can anyone...
  6. I

    Looking for IST files

    Hello! Anyone wants to share some USA IST files? :) Thanks in advance, have a nice day!
  7. I

    Questions about IST files

    Hello, I've seen that some people were talking about IST files and it is necessary to properly cashout from ATMs and POS. So my questions are: 1. How do we obtain IST files? I've heard that you need physical card with same BIN and then you can get the IST file. But is this really necessary...
  8. I

    Is this safe to use your own credit card on dumps?

    Hello, I've seen somewhere that people are using their debit/credit card as blanks when cashing out ATMs or using them in the markets, is this somehow beneficial? Or it really doesn't matter when it comes to using your own credit/debit card or blank. One thing that could definitely differ from...
  9. I

    Problem with the software.

    Hello, I've got the recommendation to use the X2 software for carding, but sadly it is not working, I'm talking about forums software. ATRTOOL, MSRX and Jcop are working just fine, but if it comes to the main X2...
  10. I

    Question about card programming.

    Hello, so after all the research I've made on the carding forums it is time for some questions about card programming. So, we have valid track 1 + track 2 with PIN and stuff, also we got the EMV_X2 from this forum, just like everybody says to use it. Not to mention we do have MSR605X card...
  11. I

    Some questions about real carding!

    Hello, I've seen a lot of different forums but this one definitely stands from the others, as you can see you are not bombarded with all the ads and stuff just like on the other forums. Also I've seen that a lot of people are so helpful here so I came to ask just some beginner questions. Most...
  12. Carding

    Vulnerabilities in ScrutisWeb could be used to remotely hack into ATMs

    Researchers have warned of several vulnerabilities found in ScrutisWeb ATM monitoring software developed by the French company Iagona. These problems can be used for remote hacking. The vulnerabilities were discovered by members of the Synack red team, and the manufacturer fixed them in July...
  13. Carding

    Cool down time: how to cover up heat traces after using an ATM

    Fingerprint hunters are ready for a thermal attack. A group of computer security experts has developed recommendations on how to protect against so-called "heat attacks". Heat attacks use thermal imagers to read fingerprints on surfaces like smartphones, keyboards, and payment terminals. Last...
  14. Carding

    Contactless ATMs – what is the risk?

    In 2018, contactless ATMs began to appear in Russian cities. At first glance, such ATMs have some advantages: you can't forget the card inside, the plastic won't" jam " the device, and fraudsters won't be able to read the number. What are the disadvantages and risks of data theft, we will tell...
  15. Carding

    NFC at an ATM: a small educational program

    People still continue to insert a card at ATMs, despite the fact that contactless service has advantages over the usual method. I will try to briefly tell the story of the issue. In 2017, we started implementing NFC on ATMs. Back then, we had a large fleet of ATMs where you couldn't attach a...
  16. CarderPlanet

    Обзор бесконтактной безопасности банкомата

    Содержание Как работают бесконтактные банкоматы? Что обеспечивает безопасность бесконтактных банкоматов? По-прежнему ли бесконтактные банкоматы уязвимы для мошенничества? Заключение Вопросы и ответы Более чем когда-либо потребители стремятся к технологиям, которые позволяют им держать свои...
  17. Lord777

    Card tricks: criminal business at ATMs

    To get into the skimmers area of interest, just use a bank card. How do these criminals operate and how do you protect your bank account from them? Who among us doesn't know to be wary of pickpockets? If in childhood the care of handling a wallet on the street was not taught by my father and...
  18. CUK77

    ATMs: a forgotten past or a promising future?

    A new study from Europe refutes the widespread belief that ATMs are at the end of their era as a cash pick-up point and suggests new ways that banks can take full advantage of ATMs. A report titled “Finding a Million Dollar ATM: Redefining and Revitalizing the ATM Channel,” published by...
  19. CUK77

    50 years in dispensing money: how an ATM works

    It was on June 27, 1967 that the first ATM was installed How an ATM works: basic principles and interesting facts. Today, devices that are found on almost every corner and for many serve as the only way to cash out their funds from a bank account are celebrating their 50th anniversary. We...
  20. Brother

    Why apply a card twice at an ATM

    The use of a contactless method of interacting with an ATM is now becoming fashionable. And I myself prefer to use this way. Moreover, for very pragmatic reasons: no one will jam or grab your card. Not that this often happens to me, or there are reasons to be afraid of the card being seized...