1. D

    Carder \ refund steam

    Ищем кардера, рефера и прочих по стиму - писать в ЛС. Search for carder, referrer and others on the Steam - write to PM.
  2. Radostnyy


  3. M

    Loading these countries banks cards to accounts

    I need these cards WORK ❤ 🔢 BIN: 439600 💼 Brand: VISA 📒 Type: DEBIT 💳 Level: CLASSIC 💵 Bank: HVB Country: GERMANY 🇩🇪 WORK ❤ 🔢 BIN: 463353 💼 Brand: VISA 📒 Type: CREDIT 💵 Bank: ONEY Country: SPAIN 🇪🇸 WORK ❤ 🔢 BIN: 451990 💼 Brand: VISA 📒 Type: CREDIT 💳 Level: PLATFORM 💵 Bank: BAC INTERNATIONAL...
  4. K

    Looking for N26 cards

    Looking for a bank card N26 (Europe) to reimburse the bay. With re-binding and authorization in Bluestack 5. Paying you %, questions in the DM.
  5. Teacher

    What is chargeback, what is refund

    In this article, you will see possible reasons why a chargeback can occur, and what a refund is. Chargeback – the process of returning funds to the buyer's card from the merchant, in the event that the buyer presented enough evidence to consider this transaction a fraud. In the case of...
  6. CarderPlanet

    BLACK REFUND - We open the package imperceptibly

    Today we will learn how to make a refund by substituting a product. The method is even illegal, so you are more careful there, black lover. With a stream of hot air. To do this, you should use a hair dryer (well, shit, not the same hair dryer), but preferably with speed control. The application...
  7. CarderPlanet

    REFUND: Essential SE Skills

    In this issue we will talk about the required level of social engineering to get money back for packages from online stores. These tips are useful in other areas as well. The main thing is practice! Let's go 1. "Ask for more and get what you need." The secret to the success of this method is...
  8. CarderPlanet

    PayPal is a refund friend!

    Hello, today we will talk about paypal, and no, this is not related to carding. I know that refs are dead (I'm talking about self-registers), it became a little more difficult. Now, in order for the ref to fall to the balance, and not to the bank, you need to fuck with the support and drawing...
  9. Hacker

    Refund Amazon, Asos, Apple, etc.

    All links - Not advertising CONTENTS 1. Choosing a product 2. Warming up your account 3. How to place an order? 4. Support service 5. Ways to communicate with support 6. Ways of refunds and refunds 7. Examples of communication with support 8. What should I do if my account is closed? 9...
  10. the_refunder

    [PAY LATER] Amazon Refund & Double-Dip Service

    Do you want to receive all the products you want at home for FREE by ordering them from Amazon as you always have? You got it right, all the products you want, even if they cost more than $ 1000 !! Let me introduce myself... I'm the_refunder, one of the best in refunds and double-dip on...
  11. Hacker

    Carding vs Refund

    «During the day-to work, and at night – to rob shops" - this is an invention of long-lying channels. This happens only in beautiful stories or really difficult situations without any other option. We will consider the most averaged case and at the same time try to compare the two giants of...
  12. Jollier

    Refund eBay

    1. Buy a digital key of any kind, even an antivirus (on eBay itself); 2. Open a dispute directly on eBay for the item you purchased; 3. eBay does not permit the sale of digital goods on its platform; 4. You must win the dispute 100% of the time; 5. When asked on eBay if the key is valid or not...
  13. 0101010

    Refund Scam question

    Does anybody have Information about Refund scam methods
  14. Carding 4 Carders

    Уловка возврата Amazon 2021 (получите бесплатные товары)

    Amazon - один из лучших сайтов для мошенничества, чтобы вас не поймали. Сегодня я раскрываю последний трюк с возвратом средств Amazon для заказа товаров без оплаты. Недавно я писал о методе кардинга Amazon, интересном формате для кардеров-новичков. Сегодня вы узнаете, как купить любой товар, не...
  15. Carding

    REFUND: От А до Я

    Оглавление Введение Основы Рефаунда Безопасность и анонимность Золотое правило рефаунда Основы СИ и общения Прогрев аккаунта Как рефать? Что рефать? Как тестить магазин на возможнотсь рефанда? Почему я тебе дал не рыбу, а удочку? Саппорт и общение с ними Мои неудачи в рефанде и чего ждать...
  16. Carding 4 Carders

    Tax Refund 2021

    1. Understand there are many ways to file your tax but its always best to file via 3rd party and if you pay with credit card it makes your tax filling faster but free also works perfect. We going to be using the free approach. Listed below are some of the trusted sites to use...
  17. Carding

    Amazon Refund Methods + Insider Knowledge

    Quote: Let us start from the basics, and NO! NO skipping ahead. If you won't read the basics, you will not have any understanding of the advanced methods. Method #1 - " I didn't receive the package" The most common method or excuse that will get you whatever you want if it's below $100 - $300...
  18. Carding

    Для любителей халявы - Refund asos, ebay, ozon, ali, joom etc

    АS0S До 15к до 5 позиций - обязательно условие было 1-2 заказа. К примеру 5 вещей и 2 вещи не под реф до 1000р. Оформляете обязательно через любую почту кроме ПОЧТЫ РОССИИ‚ лучше постамат. Заказ приходит Сейчас онлайн чат не доступен, поэтому пишем в вк. Покупаете любую стр. вк и начинаем чат...
  19. Forum Library

    Refund Amazon, Asos, Apple и т.д.

    Классека Рефов СОДЕРЖАНИЕ 1. Выбор товара 2. Разогрев аккаунта 3. Как сделать заказ? 4. Служба поддержки 5. Способы общения с поддержкой 6. Способы возмещения средств и возврата 7. Примеры общения со службой поддержки 8. Что делать, если аккаунт закрыли? 9. Регистрация нового аккаунта...
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    includes name, dob, ssn, mmn, address, tel, irs pin only various states available ICQ 615546269