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  • Привет.
    Очень удивился что есть люди которые выложили свой способ рефа.
    Есть возможность пообщатся?
    hello, I need cvv with high balance, and without verification
    how can i get japanese phone number for sms verification
    hello, I need good cvv with high volume of balance, without verification
    Hello, I'm looking for a permanent reliable supplier for digital gift cards such as :

    Playstation gift cards, (PSN cards)

    Apple gift cards

    Razer gold gift cards

    if you can card/source these for me, i will buy weekly bulk orders from you.

    best regards
    How to do this
    1. Create a picture file with a scripted stealer
    2. We send a malicious image to the cardholder via WhatsApp or Viber
    3. Cardholder opens the picture on his mobile device
    4. Stealer-keylogger is loaded into the victim's system
    5. We get access to all SMS messages (OTP) that come to the victim's phone
    6. When paying by card on any site, we indicate the code in SMS to confirm the payment
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