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  1. Tomcat

    Real Carding - Physical Carding 2024

    What is real or physical carding? Real carding is work directly, for the most part, related to plastic, real plastic, it's not only online while sitting in the warmth, but also work offline. This is a job where nerves sometimes get so high that it's easier to steal candy. We have all heard and...
  2. Tomcat


    A set of sensitive information on the magnetic stripe of a credit card is known as DUMP. It can be stolen through a number of ways that include hacking and stealing. Hackers infect a malware in the payment terminal (also known as the point of sale) that capture all the details of the card as...
  3. Tomcat


    REQUIREMENTS ARE: ◾Msr ◾Emv software ◾ATM hacking software ◾Blank card ◾Embosser The MSR is linked to the EMV software and ATM hacking software when you are about to write the dumps with pin on a blank card. Then emv software makes the blanks card looks real and no one or machine will be able...
  4. Tomcat


    Credit Card Dump WHAT IS 'Credit Card Dump' A credit card dump is a digital copy of all the information contained in the magnetic strip of an active credit card, created with the intention of making a fake credit card that can be used to make purchases or withdraw money from an ATM. Credit...
  5. Tomcat


    Credit Card Dumps 1. First, most crucial equipment needed: Magnetic Stripe Writer 2. Second; Used or New Magnetic Stripe Card. Magnetic card are available with 2 options: - Card with magnetic stripe only. - Card with magnetic stripe and chip. Why? It is vital for carders to have these...
  6. Tomcat

    Psychology of real carding

    Let's look at installing a skimmer, namely how to behave at an ATM. I think that there can be 2 models of behavior. The first is that I picked the moment when there was no one at the ATM, thoughtfully looked around, did my dirty little business and left. The second one is an impudent person, he...
  7. Tomcat

    Real carding for noobs

    So, real... You thought for a long time, and finally decided to radically change your life and go to real Madrid. What will you need for this? In order to start doing real-carding, you need much more than just a desire, aspiration or even money (although many people shout that nothing is...
  8. Tomcat

    Real Carding Manual

    Chip from POS terminals, (but not valid on all POS terminals), I read somewhere that if you have a Bank card but do not know the pin code, then you can pay with it, even without knowing the pin code. To do this, I went to mac Donals to check it, (with my card), inserted the card, dialed the pin...
  9. I

    How to generate ATR?

    Hello, I've been into carding recently, everything is prepared and fine. But I do have one question, how to generate ATR code of victims bank? I've search this long list of ATR codes from the ATRTOOL 2.0, but sadly I do not see the ATR code for it. It is Bank Millennium from Poland, can anyone...
  10. I

    Questions about IST files

    Hello, I've seen that some people were talking about IST files and it is necessary to properly cashout from ATMs and POS. So my questions are: 1. How do we obtain IST files? I've heard that you need physical card with same BIN and then you can get the IST file. But is this really necessary...
  11. I

    Problem with the software.

    Hello, I've got the recommendation to use the X2 software for carding, but sadly it is not working, I'm talking about forums software. ATRTOOL, MSRX and Jcop are working just fine, but if it comes to the main X2...
  12. I

    Question about card programming.

    Hello, so after all the research I've made on the carding forums it is time for some questions about card programming. So, we have valid track 1 + track 2 with PIN and stuff, also we got the EMV_X2 from this forum, just like everybody says to use it. Not to mention we do have MSR605X card...
  13. L

    looking for dumps

    Looking for dumps of the USA interest in post-training cooperation, please write to telegram real people, not scammers, let's work honestly TG: @babyhonda
  14. Teacher


    So, you thought for a long time and decided to finally try yourself in real life (maybe you hit your head, or you urgently need money, or you just got tired of driving into steam). How to be, where to start? Skimmers are not yet affordable, and experience is not enough. You can also forget...
  15. Teacher

    Real carding basics

    Real carding has always been considered one of the most lucrative directions in our dark business. Naturally, this entails no "Privileges". This word in this case is used in an ironic sense. Why do you ask? So the answer is simple, I advise you to think about it and remember how many times you...
  16. U

    UNICVV.RU - unique CC shop (service)

    CardShop №1 This shop doesn't require any description. Registration - 100$, you will get these funds on your balance and you'll be able to make purchases using it. 1000000 cards every day update. USA - 4$ EU&WORLD - 9$ WEB: UNICVV.RU TOR: http://uniccxide6hker6y.onion BLOCKCHAIN DOMAIN...
  17. MaskaCC

    Делаем скиммер сами.

    Прикладываю архив с инструкциями, прошивкой, фото и тд скиммера. Может кто искал, будет полезно. Скачать: VT:
  18. BigBeast

    Carding With Dumps

    Which track we need to write? As we know normal your purchased dump the most important is track 2 which is transaction track. Some of dump included track 1 or track 2. Track 1 is used to show what name will be appear in the receipt come out from POS machine. But honestly, only track 2 will be...
  19. CarderPlanet

    PRO Carding - Real Carding for Iron

    If you are completely finished, then this article is for you. Well, but seriously, there are times when you need to quickly raise money, well, or everything is so fucked up ... It won't be possible to deal with this scheme for a long time, the bottle will overtake faster than you think, or am I...
  20. CarderPlanet

    Real Carding: Lebanese Loop

    Disclaimer: Do not work with ru! well, just don't work on ru. These are just stories, not a scheme of earnings :) Kostya needed cash and he went to the ATM. He took out the card, inserted it into the card reader, typed in the pin code and entered the amount he needed. I took the money and then...