1. Father

    Due to a software failure, the casino issued $2 million to players

    Unexpected Bounty A software glitch at Star Casino in Sydney, Australia, led to the casino inadvertently giving away money for several weeks, writes The Register. 3.2 million Australian dollars (or $2.05 million) were distributed by mistake. As it turned out, for many years Star Casino had...
  2. Brother

    Cyber police exposed a group of intruders in fraud under the guise of investing in a casino

    Residents of the capital placed ads in social networks and Telegram channels and through a special website, where they offered to receive super-profits from investing in casinos. Malefactors convinced citizens to transfer money through the payment system to controlled bank cards. However, more...
  3. Lord777

    The largest casino Strendus accidentally revealed 85 GB of data of its customers

    Hundreds of thousands of players can become victims of mass fraud. Confidential user data, including home addresses and amounts of money spent on gambling, has been leaked at one of the largest online casinos in Mexico. Apparently, the data was compromised by unauthorized persons. The...
  4. Carding

    The American casino Caesars Entertainment paid extortionists a huge ransom

    Everything that happened in Vegas suddenly became public knowledge. Caesars Entertainment paid "tens of millions of dollars" to hackers who broke into the company's systems and threatened to publish confidential customer data. Caesars Entertainment is reportedly planning to disclose more...
  5. qb4444

    “Easy money”

    Yes… exist easy money… and easy losing too. I’m f**** tired of trying to find a way make money. I want a f**** luxury lifestyle and I can’t afford a driver. I tought create an casino online - the revenue look’s high. But chatting with the AI she told me that the cost to create an online casino...
  6. Carding

    Cyber police exposed a group of attackers in fraud under the guise of investing in a casino

    Residents of the capital placed ads on social networks and Telegram channels and through a special website, where they offered to receive windfall profits from investments in casinos. The attackers urged citizens to transfer money through the payment system to controlled bank cards. However...
  7. S

    WTS accounts and other

    Im sell casino, bookmaker, pokerrooms accounts UK, RO and other countries(on order). Telegram - @ukcappa
  8. Lord777

    The casino doesn't always win

    There is a common belief that the casino always wins. However, this doesn't always work when it comes to online casinos. In 2015, there was a huge scandal on the PokerStars platform, where an enterprising Dane named Daniel Christiansen created more than 200 fake accounts, using various...
  9. Brother

    How to cheat a crypto casino. Predicting random numbers in Ethereum smart contracts.

    Ethereum has gained immense popularity as an ICO platform. But it is applicable not only for creating ERC-20 tokens. The Ethereum blockchain can be used in online roulette, lotteries and card games. Confirmed blockchain transactions cannot be faked - the technology is decentralized and...
  10. CarderPlanet

    ? Casino for cash out CC ?

    Link to the platform itself: 1. We go through registration, there are two ways: A) Via App Store and Google play B) Through the site itself P.S. For this you need physical. number of the Russian Federation or another country from the list of available ones (180 countries...
  11. Father

    ☘️ 2D Secure Casino GBPay Shen Zhen CHN payment Possibly gives a verification, test.
  12. Hacker

    How much do online casinos earn

    Friends today we will talk about how much money online casinos earn! Many investors, having only briefly familiarized themselves with the principles and costs of the gambling business, decide to open their own online casino. Their calculations are based only on bare numbers: how much players...
  13. Jollier

    Casino Carding Method

    All the actions described below are performed directly from under the VHPC3 virtual machine; Browser - Internet Explorer only (Chrome and Firefox have individual numbers for each copy, which is unsafe); The minimum for security is to use TOR (MaskSurf + Proxyfier). 1. Choose any casino with...
  14. Jollier

    Cardable Casino Sites
  15. kseGB

    Goldsvet 7.1 MRS (Multi Room System) for casino club's (cafe version)

    Новая версия системы казино GOLDSVET / mrs. В этом выпуске казино: Вы найдете новые возможности для управления играми, и системой, объединение игровых банков, значительное увеличение производительности, и снижение нагрузки на сервер, и базу данных. Несколько новых уникальных интерфейсов казино...
  16. Carding

    How to make money - method

    How To Make Money - #1 - Roulette This is one method how to make money online I used years ago and it is still working. Admins if this is not good place to put it, plese advise me and I will remove it somewhere else. So guys you heard for game called roulette? Of course you are. Probably you...
  17. bevyproject

    Casino licensing, opening of turnkey licensed casinos

    I offer assistance in obtaining licenses: Curacao, Gibraltar, Malta. Opening of a white label / turnkey / bitcoin casino on the platform: betconstruct, SoftSwiss, SoftGaming, Slot egratorand others. Connection of payment systems. Registration of companies in Europe (offshore zones, gambling...
  18. bevyproject

    Anonymous Casino - (Bitcoin казино с быстрыми выплатами)

    Мы предлагаем: 3500 слотов. LIVE диллеры. Полноценную букмекерскую контору. Проект сделан для своих. Для мира Dark Web. Казино сделано на платформе Inbet. Манипуляция выигрышем не возможна.Для проверки откройте Iframe страницы и проверьте входящие и исходящие запросы.Все слоты подгружаются от...
  19. emius

    продажа Online - Casino (под ключ)

    продам онлайн казино... подобное смотрите ДЕМО вариант казино1 вариант казино2 вариант казино3 ВСЕГО 5 ВАРИАНТОВ СМОТРИТЕ СКРИНЫ НИЖЕ Продам вам онлайн казино... Настрою вам казино от самого начала и до конца... Расскажу вам про онлайн казино все самое необходимое настрою под ключ...
  20. D

    Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and more Poker Chips.

    Are you looking for a great place to purchase online fun poker chips for Bebo, Hi5, MySpace, iPhone, Tagged or Yahoo and more! Or are you looking for tangible poker products like Clay Poker Chips and Poker Chip Sets. Im are here to serve you with all your poker needs! Are You Tired Of Playing...