1. D

    Dropping Goods

    I'm working with dell but there is a problem I don't know how im gonna drop my goods. is there things to get myself secure? im living in usa. thank you
  2. fastim

    Guidance Required with Carding

    I am just to Quite New to Carding and Need Assistance with Carding Cards.. 1) I have got a Couple of Cards with Data where some have complete fullz in it and some not like the ones below: Now, I have got a couple of those cards.. and I need to cash out those cards// can any one tell me how to...
  3. P

    Sell BUSINESS Revolut , QONTO DE Iban, Stripe EU PKO, ING, Santander, BET365, BBVA баки и аккаунт с полной верификацией UKR E

    Приветствую в магазине аккаунтов и верификаций. ВЫ можете приобрести готовые аккаунты СО СКЛАДА, а также заказать Любой аккаунт в неограниченных количествах. Ваша анонимность всегда в безопасности Greetings a store accounts and verifications. YOU can purchase ready-made accounts FROM THE...
  4. Z

    Looking For Investors..

    Looking For Investors To Help Me Get Started In Carding.. I Know The Cashapp And The BTC Methods Professionally And Well.. You Can Invest Any Amount From 10$-100$ you will be paid back 300-20k dollars depending on how much you invested.. (i will pay you back with either crypto (btc or ltc) or...
  5. atmrx

    iCard / Bitsa (Poland)

    Всех приветствую ;) Есть 1 Bitsa и 8 iCard все польские. Изучаю спрос. Использовались под БК. Цена: $400 за шт.
  6. D

    Emergency Help with Carding

    Hello Thanks for takng the time to read this message. Im a family man of 2 beautiful kids and a lovely wify, I have lived in United State for the past decades, working under the table trying to survive, reason been cause I am a foreign national. One day after coming home from my...
  7. M

    Random IST Files 1.0

    Few IST files that have not been tested by me
  8. T

    I have a UA card

    Can someone cash it or for 30% fee Balance ≈10k$
  9. PythonKingdom


    Hello, My devious money makers, It seems we all knew and expected such a thing. In case your New here we were previously shut down on our other telegramBut no worries our website will be back up soon but for now join the tele to get your ready to use cloned cars from all banks and most...
  10. P

    How to get the dumps and information?

    Hello my carder friends, are you all right? Please, I ask you to help me with this. I need groups, websites or forums that provide these dumps. I will attach an example image of a group that I am on telegram.
  11. K

    Looking for a N26 (Europe)

    Looking for a N26 (Europe) bank card for bay reimbursement. With re-binding and authorization in Bluestack 5. I pay out from 5k$ for one spill, questions in DM.
  12. Lord777

    We give the card a second life!

    Hi! I finally found a very interesting topic. Did you know that you can store any password directly on your bank card? It's easy and the chance of data loss is zero! What will we need? Old card with MIFARE CLASSIC 1K chip Phone with NFC support Straight arms of course So, first we define the...
  13. Edd

    Sell CC

    Have many. Contact for more.
  14. A

    Urgent support and help needed!!!

    i am in a very hard situation in my life currently, ive been trying to card since almost 2 months, i have very good cards, i am using socks with 100% clean ip, my ip score is 0 fraud, on whoer its 100% but all my transactions are failing due to security reasons. i need someone to humanly guide...
  15. C

    where can open more iban account?

    hi everyone,where can open more iban account? or could you tell me how i can open more iban method?beause i need more iban receive payment,
  16. K

    Telegram Chops

    join my tele channel for free methods+Paid methods+fullz+jobs Will look after you nicely Enjoy ! ??
  17. MistFullz

    UK Fullz High Validity 90%+

    Selling NON-VBV bins listed daily on the telegram For specific bins please DM to check stock We are fairly new but provide complete honesty when it comes to sales and bins Reasons to choose us: upwards of 90% validity Focused mainly UK NON-VBV Fullz We also provide documentation services OTP...
  18. R


    Loading all your Coinbase account with good limit of 20k instant loading within 20-30 minutes work done dm now +1 (240) 553 8482
  19. Kevin227

    I found giftcard method that id like to share with everyone

    Its on how to get free giftcards on G2a Dm me on telegram @kevinisle or check out the method here
  20. wixxx