1. Teacher

    An enthusiast Turned a prison laptop from eBay into a geek's Dream

    The user showed how to install Ubuntu on a laptop without a hard drive or USB ports. A story about buying an unusual laptop via eBay is gaining popularity on the Internet. At first glance, it seemed to be an ordinary device with a transparent case, but it turned out to be a prison laptop with a...
  2. Brother

    eBay employees will go to prison for attempting to kill customers who criticized the company

    eBay will pay a $3 million fine to settle criminal charges that the company's security team harassed a Massachusetts couple for criticizing the platform on its site. Under the deferred prosecution agreement, eBay admits liability for the actions of six of its former employees and a contractor...
  3. Brother

    Porn, Pigs and a $3 Million Fine: eBay's Payback for Harassing Disgruntled Customers

    eBay employees will go to jail for harassing customers who criticized the company. eBay will pay a $3 million fine to settle criminal charges that the company's security team harassed a Massachusetts couple for criticizing the platform on its website. Under the deferred prosecution agreement...
  4. BigBeast

    How to Get Any Steam Key For Free 2023

    1. Go to eBay and enter "Playerunknown's battlegrounds Steam key" into the search. We select only those offers where the sending method is virtual, not physical. 2. Buy a key without worrying about money. Paying via PayPal will speed up your refund, but other payment methods can be used. 3...
  5. Carding

    Проявляем креативность на Ebay и получаем doubleprofit!

    Уважаемые мемберы. Делюсь с вами темой работы по Ebay в теперешних суровых реалиях. Данная схема мною опробована и протестирована на протяжении полу года. Отвечу сразу на ваш вопрос... Зачем я палю рабочию тему? Отвечаю. Данную тему убить просто не возможно, так как она будет жить пока живёт...
  6. CarderPlanet

    Руководство продавца по возврату платежей с eBay

    С самых первых дней электронной коммерции eBay служил ведущей онлайн-площадкой для продажи подержанных товаров, предметов коллекционирования и бесконечного множества других сокровищ, которые трудно классифицировать. Продажа на eBay всегда была доступна обычным пользователям, но широкий охват и...
  7. Lord777

    Method for Carding eBay data from logs

    Method 1. By entering an ebay request from the log. We first warm up third-party cookies. As for the fraud, it's a bit weaker than Amazon. Don't forget to set filters so that emails go to the trash. Orders worth up to $200 fly in well. Log in to your account via email (spam mailing lists...
  8. CUK77

    How to buy on eBay: step-by-step instructions with a photo

    In honor of the 25th anniversary of the marketplace, we will tell you how to buy on eBay and receive goods if the seller does not deliver orders to Ukraine How to buy on eBay: step-by-step instructions with a photo. American eBay is one of the largest marketplaces in the world, the main idea...
  9. C


  10. Mutt

    PayPal limits and bypass antifraud (how not to catch)

    If by the nature of your activity you come across Paypal or eBay accounts, then what I will write below is for you. Even if you do not practice either a PP, it will still be interesting enough, and so on, for general development. I ate the dog on these self-registers. Do not lie, I had more than...
  11. Lord777

    Working with PayPal logs. Having carding PP into shops, buying e-gift, PP + eBay.

    Sit back and get ready to absorb the information. Today we have the main topic that most carders work with when dealing with logs. We are talking about the PayPal payment system (hereinafter - "PP"). We will consider the main options for monetizing the sticks found in the log of accounts - where...
  12. T

    5 sets of documentations for verification for sale

    I have 5 sets of documentations for verification for s@le 1- India high quality images, nothing hidden 60$: - id front and back - passport - photo with person holding id and a pice of paper, I can write what you want. +10$ 2- Philippines low quality images, identification number hidden...
  13. Jollier

    Refund eBay

    1. Buy a digital key of any kind, even an antivirus (on eBay itself); 2. Open a dispute directly on eBay for the item you purchased; 3. eBay does not permit the sale of digital goods on its platform; 4. You must win the dispute 100% of the time; 5. When asked on eBay if the key is valid or not...
  14. dunkelh3it

    How To Card eBay Method

    HOW TO CARD eBay METHOD 2021 Important We will card stuffs and gift cards. Gift cards go under verification and may last up to 4hrs to verify transaction. This method requires a lot of keen on selecting the seller as this is the main point of successful carding. If we ship to diff shipping to...
  15. Lord777

    Вбив eBay+CC

    Доброго времени суток юные кардеры. Это пошаговая инструкция для первого шипа EBAY. ПРИСТУПИМ Вбив с аккаунтов ебей Используем аккаунты тольк Ebay+CC Начнем Это пример на вбиве в Англии. Небольшое предисловие: Нам понадобится мат + дедик: 1. Дедик ...
  16. Jollier

    Earnings for eBay

    To get started with ebay.de We buy an eBay account (sorted by the number of sellers' reviews). I am still looking for the last reviews to be a year or more ago. Such accounts are 90% inactive / abandoned. We buy 3-4 accs at once. We check for the validity of the login / pass. If we don't, we...
  17. Carder

    Scam on Ebay

    The description and title of the lot honestly indicate that the picture is being sold, and not the real product. But there are still buyers, and they are not people "Scalpers" on eBay are classic outbiddings, which at the moment of appearance of rare goods buy them up, and then sell them at...
  18. Carder

    Как работает eBay

    Логотип eBay. В 2004 году женщина из Южной Флориды разместила на eBay частично съеденный бутерброд с жареным сыром. Сэндвич был продан тому, кто предложил самую высокую цену, за 28 000 долларов. Она считала и показала на фотографиях аукциона, что на одном из кусков хлеба сэндвича было...
  19. Carding 4 Carders

    Брут ебей

    Привет всем кардерам, сегодня мы разберём брут ебей и поговорим об актуальности различного брута ? Разделим всё на следующие части: 1) Настройка системы 2) Аккаунты (брут) 3) Способы вбива Настройка системы С чего работать в данном (и не только) направлении? ? Double ssh tunnel manager +...
  20. Carder

    Создание саморега PayPal + вбив в Ebay 2021-01-12

    Прикладываю работу с саморегами PayPal и дальнейшим вбивом в EBay ?