1. inject0r

    High Qualify CC/DUMPS selling ⭐️

    Hello all, I introduce my service for * high quality dumps and CC. Pricing CC: High balance BIN: $35 high valid. Normal BIN: $28. Pricing dumps: With PIN: 99$ Without PIN high balance: 39$. (Most of times comes with TR1 TR2). Normal dumps: 29$. (Comes also with TR1 TR2). ToS: - 05 been...
  2. A

    How to make track 1 if you dump doesnt come with name

    bought a few dumps and it comes with track 2 and no name so what would i put on track 1 ?
  3. kaws

    please help me find a good cc site

    I have spent over $500 on cc sites in the past two months since yale lodge fell off and have gotten no hits. Please if you have any good recommendations for a cc site please let me know. Everyone that I see punching won't tell you the site they are using.
  4. F


    Mi equipo de trabajo contamos con material exclusivo, válido 95% estamos manejando precios bajos por el momento hasta llegar al mercado global, pregunta por tu serie, si no la tenemos la podemos buscar con previa coordinación y acuerdo. TG: @FranchezCvv CANAL TG: https://t.me/FranCCchez66
  5. P

    How to get the dumps and information?

    Hello my carder friends, are you all right? Please, I ask you to help me with this. I need groups, websites or forums that provide these dumps. I will attach an example image of a group that I am on telegram.
  6. Hernando

    Phising CVV, Dumps Shop PHP #Limited number to be sold

    Do you want to earn $2000 per day with Phising? There is a management panel that will be sold to the first 5 people for reference purposes at $500, you can add as many cards as you want, all payment channels can be arranged All illegal sites you want are copied, and the script is transferred to...
  7. prozone


    Prozone The most needed carding shops and services in one project !!! ✅ CVV & DUMPS Tens of millions of stock makes us really biggest stock of the market. Varying quality of fresh sniff, hack, spam, etc. from first hands. The presence of the most modern validation methods (checkers) makes...
  8. Lord777

    How to cashout dumps 2023

    In today’s tutorial we are going to know what are carding dumps and how to cashout dumps in 2023 stay with me till the end of the method let’s eat together. What are dumps Hi. Today carding is known everywhere in the world. If you want to understand how the carding works you’re in the right...
  9. L

    looking for dumps

    Looking for dumps of the USA interest in post-training cooperation, please write to telegram real people, not scammers, let's work honestly TG: @babyhonda
  10. S

    Selling fresh USA T2 and T1+T2 dumps

    I have some T1+T2 but most of them are only T2 dumps. I only sell 201 dumps. Dumps model will look like that: Track1: Track2: Country Code: State: City: ZIP: Type: Debit/Credit: Subtype: If you are interested, contact me here: [email protected]
  11. Pravda777

    201 dump recording / Запись дампа 201 (EMV)

    Данная статья создана исключительно в ознакомительных целях Всё ниже написанное взято из открытых источников и не имеет отношения к автору статьи Некоторые моменты, описанные ниже, являются сном автора, о котором он решил повествовать (This article was created solely for informational purposes...
  12. Poisonjuoice

    Good dumps seller to start

    I'm finally done with my dumps questions, thanks to this site, now I have to go from theory to practice, who could recommend me a good, serious and reliable shop to start, which does not ask you for large amounts to deposit? In the sub forum "advertising makes me panicked by too many sellers...
  13. Poisonjuoice

    cash in with dumps

    I state that I am not yet capable in the dumps, but I thought through a partner who opens a VAT number, as a 'consultant in computer science' which is very generic. You buy a pos with sim attachment and bank account, you rent a small 10 square meter place as an office, and collect your dumps...
  14. Poisonjuoice

    sell dump and CC fullz for all world

    Advice for all beginners, when you see a seller on Telegram that shows you money on the table, cashes online big sale of physical cards from 3000 $ for 200 $, think about selling a physical card with 3000 for 200, it's as if you give the money because they have a physical card with a pin of $...
  15. Poisonjuoice

    Dumps Pin Info

    Hi guys, I have a question, writing track 2 and 1 on chip card, when I buy in stores, I would like to know how it works, do I have to insert a fake one when I write the card right? In my country the shops with pos only with stripe do not exist more' Thanks
  16. Poisonjuoice

    pos for dumps

    buying pos in Italy for cashout dumps magnetic cards is a good idea, because all the shops only use chips? can someone advise me?
  17. CarderPlanet

    How I got started with dumps and how they work

    Good day! Something I got carried away and wrote a lot, but this is really my way ... Honestly, more than two years ago I had no idea what dumps are with what they are eaten with, but everything to start with ... At that time, I worked at a construction site as a tiler, an electrician, a...
  18. N

    skimmers and dumps

    hey guys I'm looking for skimmers and Israeli dumps open minded for partnership also telegram @ jackson2025
  19. N

    checkers for dumps

    hey guys does someone know how the checkers works? how it take part of the dump and check it could I build my own to check my dumps?
  20. G

    Best sites for CVV & Dumps! [My favorite]

    Howdy. Just thought I'd help some fresh newbs and give them site reccomendations.. ccfamily.club | 9/10. a bit expensive (like $8 a card), but extremely worth it, ~80-90% valid rate & good cards too. briansclub.at | 7/10. used to be my go-to, but the last few months have been pretty bad...