1. CloneSavage

    Cloned Cards (Physical & Shipped)

    Cloned Cards (Physical & Shipped) "Cloned Cards" are in-house manufactured physical cards based on skimmed data we collect from our network, this data is collected off ATM's, Gas Stations, & POS Machines. Our network is quite expansive due to our client based network and P2P data affiliate...
  2. A

    Process Summary

    Ok let's see if I got this right, please correct any mistake to see if I understood if you see question marks it means im not sure of my statement. 1st step is to buy dumps from the internet, paying from 5 to 20 dollars. You receive track 1 and track 2, full name of owner and other possible...
  3. C

    Find some trusted dumps track 1&2

    Can someone please help me find some trusted dumps track 1&2
  4. ̅c̅α̅я̅ɒ̅є̅я

    How to Swipe (Educational Purposes)

    My First Thread is How to Swipe Dump (Educational Purposes) enjoy watching
  5. M

    Random IST Files 1.0

    Few IST files that have not been tested by me
  6. I

    Fixed X2 software!

    Hello, I've just fixed the X2 software that has been provided by our professionals, now X2 and cardpeek have all the essential dll files. Feel free to try it! :) https://carder.market/resources/emv-x2-with-all-essential-software-working-dll-files.239/
  7. qb4444

    Question about dumps

    I'm looking to learn about dumps, and collecting all the information for create a proper guide What's the difference of Dumps with PIN and Dumps No Pin? What's the best Country to purchase dumps from? What's the difference between the codes? 101, 201, 221, 220, 226, 121, 521, 587, 000, 206...
  8. K

    Exclusive Methods, Bins , Fullz & advice

    Shout me on telegram @Mtrade1 will be answering all questions on there . Exclusive methods (Gucci/nike/many retailers ,various gift cards , PayPal-btc) Also have cash out methods (MONZO , CRYPTO.COM) PROOF ON REQUEST AS ALWAYS) @Mtrade1
  9. fire_beast

    Fresh High Balance CCs Non-VBV (Credit & Debit) - Fresh Bins December 2021

    Hello friends, If you need any type of CC high-balance and 100% valid, PM me on Telegram @fire_beast (Verified Seller) and text me the desired card code you want to purchase to check availability in stock: =============== === Visa Credit === =============== Visa | Credit | Classic | USA = A01...
  10. J

    Im new - about dumps

    Im kinda new to this stuff but i know the basics, i ordered hardware aleardy but then someone said when i buy a dump it has to be from my country, so is there any dumps in finland and how it works? Im so confused
  11. Dorrance


    robolodge.cc ^^^^^ Come on over, let's earn this $$$ money together
  12. MistFullz

    UK Fullz High Validity 90%+

    Selling NON-VBV bins listed daily on the telegram For specific bins please DM to check stock We are fairly new but provide complete honesty when it comes to sales and bins Reasons to choose us: upwards of 90% validity Focused mainly UK NON-VBV Fullz We also provide documentation services OTP...
  13. Poisonjuoice

    HELP POS strip reading

    Hi guys, sorry for the insistence but I'm going crazy, even today I went around, pharmacies, clothing stores, tobacconists. No POS reads the card, every time on it it says insert chip, but on the encoder it doesn't give me problems, it may depend that they have disabled the strip, I would...
  14. Pravda777

    201 dump recording / Запись дампа 201 (EMV)

    Данная статья создана исключительно в ознакомительных целях Всё ниже написанное взято из открытых источников и не имеет отношения к автору статьи Некоторые моменты, описанные ниже, являются сном автора, о котором он решил повествовать (This article was created solely for informational purposes...
  15. G


    ?Карта с балансом 1000$ ??????СС - USA,EU,RU ?ТОПОВЫЕ МЕРЧИ 2D/3D ?Мануал по снятию кеша с карт ?РАБОТАЕМ НА РЕПУТАЦИЮ? ?БЕСПЛАТНАЯ РАЗДАЧА ВАЛИДНЫХ CC ОТЗЫВЫ?➖https://t.me/joinchat/-zI7UlOFtks2Y2Yy ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ?Заходи в бота @Dogcc_bot @Dogcc_bot @Dogcc_bot @Dogcc_bot
  16. T

    Official Announcement ★ Themarkethidden LIVE NOW ★

    About US: No greater authorities powers undermining the very freedoms we have been born withNo greater authorities powers undermining the very freedoms we have been born with. Our marketplace is written from scratch with the aid of using our team, we do now no longer base our code on a...
  17. BigBeast

    Carding With Dumps

    Which track we need to write? As we know normal your purchased dump the most important is track 2 which is transaction track. Some of dump included track 1 or track 2. Track 1 is used to show what name will be appear in the receipt come out from POS machine. But honestly, only track 2 will be...
  18. killfeargame

    About track 1

    is it really possible to generate track 1 from just track 2?
  19. C

    Продажа лучших баз USA-MYRZ [DUMPS AND BASE]

    В базе USA присутствуют такие домены [gmail,hotmail,yahoo,outlook,msn,icloud,aol,live,mail.com] В MYRZ присутствуют такие домены [Mail,Yandex,Rambler] Есть часть майлов прочеканная на запросы: -Amazon EU 15.626 mails -Epicgames EU 81.415 mails -Microsoft.com EU 48.113 mails -Netflix 99.918...
  20. B

    Selling of the best bases USA-MYRZ [DUMPS AND BASE]

    There are such domains in the US database [gmail,hotmail,yahoo,outlook,msn,icloud,aol,live,mail.com] MYRZ contains such domains [Mail,Yandex,Rambler] Part of the mails I checked for requests -Amazon EU 15.626 mails -Epicgames EU 81.415 mails -Microsoft.com EU 48.113 mails -Netflix 99.918...