1. B

    hi guys this a discord server for carders who wants to help people and sell their legit services only

    this discord server is to help other people (beginners) to learn how to card or clone cards only sell (legit services) such ass dumps ccs etc (no softwares ) if yall wanna help and join yall can no scammers welcome to the discord only legit vendors
  2. G


    Hello Recently a friend of mine advertised me Kerberos marketplace for dumps+pin and other things if anyone knows is it a legit marketplace?It opened in 2022
  3. 1

    My carding/cloning setup, thoughts and tips please

    Hi everyone! First of all i want too give a big thank you too everyone that helps, gives tips and tricks, tutorials and guidence on this forum! Second, I've to appologise if my english is bad. But back to the reason im posting here: I've been watching this foru for a while, reding threads up...
  4. Brother


    Plastic payment cards, such as credit and debit cards, are highly popular and convenient cash alternatives, widely accessible to people across most of the world. Their portability and ease of use make them a favored choice for financial transactions. This efficiency is supported by a vast...
  5. NateVader

    CC and cash out in crypto exchange ( No KYC ask )

    Hi, I'm new to my research on carding. In my mind, the best scenario is to find a non-VBV card and buy crypto with an exchange that doesn't require KYC. Maybe this is just beginner thinking, but I don't see anyone talking about this method of cashing out. Am I missing something ? i'm sure...
  6. Carding Forum

    Analysis of the carding

    Part 1 Today we will analyze what "Vbiv v shop" is. We will consider the details, discuss the possibilities and sum up the results. If we look at the input point by point, it looks something like this: First: find a shop. Second: we select materials for the input (credit card...
  7. BigBeast

    Carding Electronics at NewEgg

    👍👍👍👍👍👍 Carding electronics at New Egg Carding Newegg is very easy, but the right bin that works well with it is bin 434769 from Chase Bank 👍Clear browser history with cc cleaner 👍Connect socks 5 to cc owner and make sure your fraud score is 0 👍Go to and select the product you want...
  8. BigBeast

    Carding BestBuy 2024

    Lot of people has been asking for the BestBuy tut. As I said I don't post unconfirmed tut over here step 1>> GET FULLZ WITH BBY/CBNA Do not stress opening credit report to see if the fullz you have got a BBY/CBNA account or not but rather call BestBuy on (888) 574-1301 using google voice or...
  9. K

    Trying to start carding

    I have been interested in the topic for about a year now and I have only done some very beginner research on it, I know the basics like VPNs, Proxys, Tracks, dumps and that stuff but I just have a few question just to properly clear it up. For the equipment you need, I know you need the MSR...
  10. Tomcat

    Do you want to start carding and don’t know where to start?

    The first thing that is important to do is to clearly define your goals for life and the legacy that you will leave for your children. Think: where do you see yourself in 10, 20 years, describing your life in colors. Do you dream of starting a coffee wholesale business? Set this goal! Do you...
  11. Tomcat

    Antifraud systems against carding and carders

    Year after year, sites update their security systems, and year after year we try to select the right “keys” for them. In this article we will look at the basic components of anti-fraud systems (an article about the optimal system for work will be published on the channel soon). Anti-fraud...
  12. Tomcat

    Optimal system for carding

    Greetings everyone, as promised, today’s article will be devoted to the optimal system for work. There are a huge variety of different antidetects available on the Internet. In previous articles I have already mentioned browser and system antidetects. It is pointless to analyze each antidetect...
  13. Tomcat


    Credit Card Dump WHAT IS 'Credit Card Dump' A credit card dump is a digital copy of all the information contained in the magnetic strip of an active credit card, created with the intention of making a fake credit card that can be used to make purchases or withdraw money from an ATM. Credit...
  14. Tomcat


    Credit Card Dumps 1. First, most crucial equipment needed: Magnetic Stripe Writer 2. Second; Used or New Magnetic Stripe Card. Magnetic card are available with 2 options: - Card with magnetic stripe only. - Card with magnetic stripe and chip. Why? It is vital for carders to have these...
  15. Tomcat


    Use socks5 (don't use socks4 or http proxies as they might leak DNS info) which match the cardholder's billing address. If your CC is from UK, try to use a UK drop and so on for other countries. If the gift option is there, put it so it looks like you are shipping a gift to some friend...
  16. Tomcat

    Your first carding

    My opinion on this matter will be simple, in the style of Captain Obvious. One of the most important things in any business is a successful start, which gives you a huge surge of motivation. And here it doesn’t matter what you entered, if the amount pleases the eye, for example, 400-1000...
  17. Tomcat


    The Internet, being the largest means of information exchange, at the same time gives rise to a rapid increase in crimes related to the use of information technology. Signs of buyer carding when selling online: The buyer is not particularly interested in the product, quickly demonstrates his...
  18. Tomcat

    Psychology of real carding

    Let's look at installing a skimmer, namely how to behave at an ATM. I think that there can be 2 models of behavior. The first is that I picked the moment when there was no one at the ATM, thoughtfully looked around, did my dirty little business and left. The second one is an impudent person, he...
  19. chushpan

    Shadow carding sphere 2024

    Hello Anonymous. Our profession has been gaining widespread interest in recent years. There are several reasons for this: - consumer awareness - acceptance of the imperfection of the World - unfair distribution of benefits For people gifted with a high sense of justice, life is much more...
  20. chushpan

    Profit Guarantee | Fraud FB | Clothes carding (liquid)

    Each capable worker determines his own path for development, his own Kung Fu, his own path. I can’t say that your path is not worth it, but I can help you master the topics in which I have succeeded personally. It will also help increase your capital to achieve your goals and development in...