1. U

    beginner question!!!!!!!

    I got a question, i got some information about using mullvad vpn for carding is viable, that purevpn is better. And if this is true, can anyone explain what, why and how ? And should i use a proxy server aswell? If im getting a ip from a vpn directly in the victims city ?
  2. Daquan

    Starting carding

    I'm finally ready to risk it after weeks of research i finally came out with this plan First, I'm going to buy a cc, from what I've heard briansClub is a good site or, i'm choosing these because they are the both support XMR (monero) payments. If you got better one to suggest free...
  3. I

    Bitpay carding in 2024

    Me and a friend would like to start carding together an we think that using the bitpay method would be best for getting a couple thousand through personal loans ect. We have mail drop so the getting the physical card is no problem. Any carding vets have any advice? We are in need of cheap...
  4. Duckster


    Before you ask about anything on the site, spend at leat 5 minutes researching. If you ask stupid questions, like: 1. what is non vbv 2. where non vbv vendor 3. i got scammed out of 1 gazillion dollars, where can i buy legit cc it just shows that you have no idea what you're talking about, and...
  5. Daquan

    Quick questions

    *Sorry in advance for my bad english* I have some quick questions 1- Right now i only have a VPN and i was wondering if it's possible to still card some sites for digital goods with only my VPN, if so what websites? 2- I wanna know where i can get some good and affordable cc (~8 - 12 $), i was...
  6. M

    Where can you use stolen cards?

    Are there any sites where you can purchase BTC or other currencies using a stolen card? If not then what are some websites where it's safe to use them? Also, do you have any advice about the payment, like what to avoid and how to be extra safe?
  7. pepepotato

    Smart decisions I can do to an Open-up PayPal Business Account

    Hi! I recently acquired an Open-up account on a particular log seller and it's a PayPal Business account. I really have zero idea how to gain benefit from this. What smart decisions and beneficial actions shall I make to ensure I could cash out from this? I wish to ensure I could provide an...
  8. pepepotato

    Recommended Startup Capital for pursuing Carding

    Hello! My name's Pepepotato, passionate learner & beginner carder. I would like to ask a simple question to the professionals. You see, I've been planning on formally starting my journey as a carder. however, because of my financial state, I'm currently unable to pursue it with confidence. I've...
  9. pepepotato

    My Experience So Far on PayPal Logs

    Greetings! My name is Pepepotato, a beginner carder & passionate learner. I'm here to discuss about my very first experience regarding PayPal Logs. During the moment, my keyboard wasn't working so I was using an on-screen keyboard all that time. I was filled with excitement when the transaction...
  10. pepepotato

    Is it possible to cash-out using Xoom?

    Hi! Beginner carder here, I would like to humbly ask the community forum if ever an experienced carder has ever cashed-out a PayPal Log using Xoom? If it's ever possible, how did it go? I'm planning on cashing out a PayPal log via cash pickup. Suggestions and recommendations are highly...
  11. BigBeast

    When to use Socks5?

    After buying CC,what should be the next step? Checking if it's working on a p*rn site or first buy a socks5 & then check if CC is working or not??
  12. axsilly

    Help me please with carding giftcard

    I created a method i thought about using. Can someone give me feedback on a method that I'll use to card some Giftcards 1) Enable VPN (close to location of cc) 2) Buy a cc+cvv (Full name, Phone number, zip code, city, ssn) 3) Buy Socks5 that match cardholders location (State and city) 4) Use...
  13. M

    Is it possible to make a few hundred dollars at the start of my journey.

    I have been lurking for a while and I have been studying carding for about 2 months now, I am really interested in this topic. My biggest fears are that I'll lose money and nothinh will come out of it. So my question is is it feasible to make some money at the start because from what I read most...
  14. F

    How To Find A best shop

    Dear All Members and Pro Members, I have fews tips wanna share to everyone I work in topupmobile and carding shop, So, I need A lot Bins . And I can't Find it in my list seller and found little in trusted vendors in this forum. Because few shop don't know us forum. So You can found fresh...
  15. Forum Library

    Rippers and their mind. (NEWBIES MUST KNOW)

    Main problem of rips is trustful persons which are ripped. In 90% of rips person sends money or gives the stuff first. Mainly there are beginners which don’t have enough knowledge at their business, and that gives to ripper one more chance to bullshit them or there are too trustful so if you was...
  16. Forum Library

    Stuff carding for beginners.

    By this article I hops most of beginners will find answers of their most main questions. So at first we should understand how it it. As in any work it has it’s order and chain – if you’l enter card in any place you see you won’t get stuff. Mainly this chain includes two people – who card the...
  17. admin

    Online carding, basic, tutorial, terms. Carding for noobs, FAQ.

    First of all understanding of credit card as phenomena. For example white guy is walking across Harlem without money, get in fast to the nearest bank. Has communicated to the manager, has signed that was given to sign and he already can spend $3000 as soon as will receive a card, and becomes a...