1. Father

    MasterCard and the largest US banks began testing a system of interbank tokenized settlements

    Payment system MasterCard and several US banks announced the creation of a Regulated Settlement Network (RSN) with a proof-of-concept (PoC) blockchain. The RSN PoC system is expected to leverage the power of shared ledger technology for settlement of tokenized commercial bank assets, wholesale...
  2. Father

    Are banks abandoning their data centers?

    June 27, 1967. It was a muggy day. A huge crowd gathered outside the Barclays Bank building in Enfield, North London, to witness the opening ceremony of the world's first automated teller machine (ATM). Despite the heat of 27°C (81°F), all the assembled officials were dressed in classic suits...
  3. Father

    MITM attacks: what they are and why banks are afraid of them again

    In 2017, several European banks updated their mobile apps at once. The reason was a study by the University of Birmingham, whose authors described a common vulnerability to MITM attacks. Later, similar stories happened, including in Russia. However, MITM attacks were rare, and there were few...
  4. Father

    The Central Bank of India plans to allow banks to block the accounts of cybercriminals

    The Reserve Bank of India (RBI, the Central Bank) intends to allow the country's banks to temporarily block accounts that are used for fraudulent schemes by cybercriminals. As reported by Reuters, citing sources, the regulator is considering such measures due to the growth of online crime in the...
  5. Father

    Visa warns you: new JsOutProx virus attacks banks and their customers

    How is the banking Trojan distributed and what does GitLab have to do with it? Visa has warned of an increase in the activity of a new version of JsOutProx malware targeting financial institutions and their customers. The campaign targeted institutions in South and Southeast Asia, the Middle...
  6. Teacher

    How do banks steal money? Confession of a bank employee.

    Hello! Although there were no such cases specifically in our bank, as a specialist in information security of a credit institution, it was necessary to carefully analyze such incidents in other banks and find ways to counter them. The following is a typical scheme for fraud involving money in...
  7. Teacher

    LabHost: the Swiss knife for attacking banks

    The LabHost service has become a central tool of cybercriminals in attacks on North American banks, in particular, on Canadian financial institutions. Phishing-as-a-Service (PHaaS) provides attackers with various tools for organizing phishing attacks: from ready-made kits to infrastructure for...
  8. Teacher

    LabHost: Swiss knife for attacks on North American banks

    The service's history shows you how to survive crashes and become a market leader. The LabHost service has become a central tool of cybercriminals in attacks on North American banks, in particular, on Canadian financial institutions. Phishing-as-a-Service (PHaaS) provides attackers with...
  9. Brother

    Banks were offered to track the geolocation of customers to identify non-residents

    The Russian authorities are considering new powers for credit institutions in the tax sphere. The Ministry of Finance of Russia has put forward an initiative to oblige banks to constantly monitor the location of customers when they use Internet banking. If it turns out that a person mainly uses...
  10. Большой Медведь

    Identifications. Accounts. Exchanges. Banks. Drops for verification | Идентификации. Аккаунты. Биржи. Банки. Дропы под верификации.

    Good afternoon. I provide the following services: •Identification (Discounts for wholesale): -QIWI - 1800 rubles; -Yoomoney (according to my data) - 1800 rubles; -SDEK ID (anonymous receipt of parcels by Russian post) - 3500 rub. •Accounts/wallets for individuals persons: -OZON bank (Extended...
  11. Brother

    The xDedic Marketplace is closed: how did a website that sold access to more than 700,000 servers of governments, banks, and audit firms work?

    The international operation led to arrests of service participants around the world. The US Attorney's Office announced the completion of an international investigation into cybercrime and the activities of the xDedic Marketplace darknet market. According to court documents, the xDedic...
  12. Brother

    Virtualization as a weapon: FjordPhantom malware penetrates victims online banks

    Android users from Southeast Asia tried out the work of the hidden code. Promon has discovered a new malware for Android, called FjordPhantom. The virus uses a unique virtualization tactic to hide from detection by running malicious code in a special container. The essence of the FjordPhantom...
  13. S


  14. Carding 4 Carders

    Who will win the fight for your privacy: banks or security forces?

    The new bill raises many questions and debates. Russian banks have expressed their opposition to the bill proposing to provide law enforcement agencies with direct access to information systems and databases with customer information, the Association of Banks of Russia (ADB) reports in a letter...
  15. Carding

    American banks return money stolen by fraudsters only after the intervention of journalists

    A woman who lost part of her savings by clicking on a phishing link allegedly from an employee of a financial organization was able to return the funds only after the intervention of media representatives. They were the journalists of WBZ-TV, who joined the solution of the problem after the...
  16. Carding

    Italian cyber agency accuses Russian hackers of attacking banks

    On Tuesday, August 1, the Italian cybersecurity agency reported on recorded attacks on the country's banks. According to him, at least five banking institutions were attacked. A representative of the agency listed the banks that were attacked to Reuters. Это Intesa Sanpaolo, Monte dei Paschi di...
  17. Lord777

    Stop words for banks: What words can block an account when transferring money?

    What are the safe words for banks and why only a select number of employees in credit institutions know about it? Why the harmless phrase "For a gift" or" Repayment of a debt " can deprive you of access to your own account for a certain time, banking experts warn. The list of words that will...
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  20. CUK77

    Why are cloud technologies useful for banks?

    Until now, the introduction of mobile payment services and wallets by banks was hampered by many factors: dependence on the developer of a secure element, the inability to implement solutions for several mobile operators at the same time, the inability to develop services based on NFC...