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nigreina scam

There is a certain type of people, naive people who believe in easy money and have not yet understood the essence of capitalism. Under capitalism, survives and becomes the best, the one who is the most cunning, shameless, greedy, agile. In general, these are us, swindlers and scammers))).

Now many people have a difficult financial situation, and they are looking for something to make money on.

Сreate a new page on any social network.

Аill our own page with various posts, reposts from publics such as "Business", "Business quotes", "Money", etc.

Get some likes and friends.

Start spamming to the same groups from which we repost ("Business", "Income"), it is advisable to use a VPN. You can also use various spammers to make it easier. Spam text:

Hello. I want to offer you a very well-paid job from $ 5,000 and above, this is how you will work.
If you think this is illegal, you have some personal reasons - do not waste your and my time, please.
I am selling you a card with a balance of $ 1000 to $ 10,000.
Cards from $ 1000 to $ 3000, their cost will be 12 % of the cost of the card, that is, about $ 120.
And from $ 3,000 to $ 10,000, the cost is 10% of the cost of the cards, which is in the order of $ 600.
We send the parcel anonymously, for this you only need to indicate the city and the number for communication. The courier contacts you by phone and makes an appointment where it is convenient for you, he can simply leave it at the branch of the courier service. You receive your parcel in 2-3 days.
With us you can not be afraid that you will be caught or imprisoned, I explain how to work competently - without risk.

There are already 3 options:
  • The victim agrees and buys the card;
  • The victim reluctantly agrees and asks for proof of earnings;
  • The victim refuses, even after seeing the proof of earnings.
And here, respectively, 3 options for the development of events.

Discuss a price that satisfies everyone. Then we talk with him, rubbing in trust and smoothly translate everything for payment. Give our wallet (left) and wait for our money.

If a person agrees, even reluctantly, he is on our hook. Need to squeeze him, he asks to show the income? We will do this.

To show our "income", download the Bank App Online from Appstore / PlayMarket to our smartphone.

Now we launch the application and click on the "Demo mode" tab.

We go to the tab "My finances".

In Photoshop, we edit the first and last 4 digits, since they are the same on the screen and this arouses suspicion.

We also fake our balance on any payments system:
  • We go into your wallet;
  • Where the balance is, click RMB and go to the Element Code;
  • We indulge in it and make the perfect screen.

We will also take a photo of the card that we "sell":
  • G to the social network like Facebook;
  • We drive in the keywords into the search box: "Bank card found" and the like;
  • Scroll further and find there various cards and their photos, save and use.
If the victim refuses to see even the proofs, then we can dilute it for a smaller amount. We write to her in PM, such a text

I give you a job and pay you from $ 1000 to $ 2500 for each withdrawal cycle. Your job will be this:
  • You receive the parcel, throw off the card numbers to us. The cards work in any visa / maestro ATMs;
  • We give a pin code from the first card;
  • Go to the ATM;
  • Withdraw money (I explain in detail all the details closer to the point);
  • Put 30% of the money to another account through another nearest terminal, leave the rest to yourself.
As soon as payment is received in full for the first card, a pin is issued from the second, and so on, all in stages.

After we cash out the entire first parcel, we will draw up a clearer schedule for the arrival of the cargo, convenient for both of us.

All settlements between us will be carried out through the account that I will throw off. You will need to photograph receipts before throwing them away.

As well as sending the parcel anonymously, you need a city and a contact number. The courier will agree on everything with you. Usually the parcel takes 2-3 days. You will need to pay for the first courier delivery of the parcel, the cost of delivery in your country from $ 50 to 150.

This will allow us to be sure that you will accept the package, and it will not roll around for weeks not accepted.

If a person insists on cash on delivery, then feel free to block him and look for another.

If a person refused the first offer, you can get from him from $ 50 to 150 (change the price yourself). For not everyone is offered a job with a high income, I do nothing.

Designed only for very stupid people, as well as those who want to purchase a dump + pin and write it down on their own.

This method works, but I do not recommend anyone to engage in such a trivial deception.
This is completely for those who cannot earn in a normal way.
Themselves, of course, never fall for such offers, there are just a bunch of them on the Internet and social networks.

This is a favorite way of scammers from Nigeria.
The main deception is to request a full prepayment for the delivery of a cloned card with a balance.
People want to get rich quickly and allow them to be deceived.
I myself do not do this, but unfortunately it is very common.
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