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  • I offer 1 on 1 mentorship to newbies at a fee. 💵

    See me if u need valid and live cc💳

    I am The Gentleman. Contact me when u need my services @thegentleman on tele

    what can you mentorship do? Can you card anything on g2a and I mean ANYTHING. Including crypto gift cards? And how long does this mentorship last?
    The Gentleman007
    The Gentleman007
    When u get ur hits and u sure u understand and can hit without me
    Hi guys. I am The Gentleman and im giving 1 on 1 lectures on how to succeed in carding online for a fee. I will provide 1 residential proxy and 1 live valid cc for free to learn with. You can decide to share % with me or not. Kindly pm or contact me via tele @thegentleman007 .thank you.
    excellent service and support. lets gooo
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    I need help with carding can u please message back
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