plz help its almost time for me to work ach

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so im trying to get into cashing out banklogs still and ive came to this conclusion about everything ive read

Ach pull = banks [ work is done inside the bank drop ] use aged drop

Ach push = prepaid banks [ work is done with hacked log ]

🚨never use boa or wells or calling logs

with that being said which one is best to do? people have said do ach pull since u dont need otp but i can get logs with ach enabled so i dont need otp which means i can do both ach pull or push but which is better also for ach push do i have to make a self reg prepaid bank in the same name as the account and cashout right away? or do i need to use an aged prepaid with any name? same goes for ach pull does it have to be aged or can i use a fresh drop cashout right away and does the name have to be the same

plz someonw fill me in