How do I send traffic from GitHub?


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Hi everyone. In this article, I will make it as clear as possible and briefly describe how to pour traffic from GitHub.

Let's start by preparing an account for the strait.

1) First , we need to buy a proxy. I use faceless, but I think simple ones will also work, ala pia

2) After that, proceed to creating a mailbox. Here it is important to keep in mind that temporary mailboxes are not suitable. You should not even try to use them, as GitHub will not promote your repositories. I recommend proton mail or hotmail.

3) Create a new repository, where the "description" field has an empty description, the repository name is the name of your product (do not use cheats, cracks, etc.), and set access as Private (very important!).


4) After creating the repository, select "uploading an existing file" and upload your build file, then confirm the changes.

5) When we see the picture, click on the gear icon (see hidden text below) and enter the subject tags in the "Topics"field. The more tags, the better. We recommend using tags from open repositories with similar topics that have well-optimized SEO.


6) Then we need to configure the display. To do this, go to the project settings (see hidden text below), scroll to the bottom of the page, and change the "Visibility" value to Public.


After that, you have successfully uploaded your repository with your project. It remains to do the simplest and most expensive thing - get more stars (stars) on your repository and wait for the results.

The price for one link promotion will start from$ 5 and may be higher. On average, you will receive from 30 to 50 new logs at a time.