1. Fake Bitcoin Transaction

    Fake Bitcoin Transaction
  2. Carding


    What Is a Transaction? A transaction is a completed agreement between a buyer and a seller to exchange goods, services, or financial assets. But in business bookkeeping, this plain definition can get complicated. A transaction will be recorded earlier or later depending on whether the company...
  3. askan

    ATM Error: Transaction cannot be processed!!!

    Hello guys, I have this bin 532675 with PIN I tried in many countries (EU, ASIA, USA, Africa) to cash-out at ATM machine but after input the PIN I chose amount that I want to withdraw and after that ATM show this error: Transaction cannot be processed! Please contact your bank! On
  4. D

    US bank transaction lookup

    I have an opportunity to see bank transactions without entering security questions, only valid login and password required. By now BOA, Chase and Capone are available. Other banks upon request. Can be useful for people with logs having all info except security questions. Your comments and...
  5. Forum Library

    Codes of transactions

    AC - Authorisation Center № Name 00 Approved 01 Refer to Card Issuer 02 Refer to Card Issuer, special condition 03 Invalid Merchant 04 Pick up card 05 Do not honor 06 Error 07 Pick up card, special condition 08 Honor with identification 09 Request in progress 10 Approval for partial amount...