1. CUK77

    ViaGoGo Carding Method

    Concert e-tickets are some of the things which can most easilly be resold online (because it's just pdf file) so if you want (at least till some extent) secure carding you can work with them. Some anti-fraud algorithms which work on ViaGoGo website can be by default bypassed if you use android...
  2. catalogs

    Tickets for matches ( football,basketball etc.)

    Hello I'm looking for a partner - dealer man who is doing selling, trading the tickets on different matches from stubhub[dot]com & etc.. I'm ready to do them a lot! Have own material for doing this. Contacts: icq 95O-987(introduce hands) P.S. It is important! I have been manufacturing and...
  3. R

    World Wide Flights/Tickets + Hotel Booking + Car Rental+ Concerts + sports @lowest price

    Service closed. Hello Dear C.Pro Members I present to you today my humble service Selling E-Tickets (Flights) + Hotel Reservations + Car Rental + Tours & Activities, Anywhere in the World @ lowest price NEW !! NOW OFFERING CONCERTS AND EVENT TICKETS TO MOST OF THE EVENTS AROUND THE...
  4. Y

    Selling E-Tickets (Flights) + Hotel Reservations

    Professional E-Tickets Service: ----------------------------------------- UPDATE I am now booking Cars What I can provide: ---------------------- 100% working hotel bookings in any country. 100% working car rental in any country. 80-95% working flight tickets in most countries. (some...