1. U

    Cloud Server / Cloud Pos / need help

    recently i came across a vendor that sells massive accounts , and the most surprising is that he doesn't need money upfront, once the process is done he will take a cut of the profits, now here is the thing after i got all the details ( card num, pin , name etc..) these kinds of transaction only...
  2. CUK77

    How do merchants want to see a POS terminal?

    A growing number of merchants expect more from POS systems than just processing payments. To meet the growing needs of merchants, modern POS terminals also support a range of software applications that allow store owners to manage their business from the same devices they use to receive...
  3. Poisonjuoice

    HELP POS strip reading

    Hi guys, sorry for the insistence but I'm going crazy, even today I went around, pharmacies, clothing stores, tobacconists. No POS reads the card, every time on it it says insert chip, but on the encoder it doesn't give me problems, it may depend that they have disabled the strip, I would...
  4. River Death

    Настройка pos под вбив

    Как правильно настроить pos терминал под вбив. Какой лучше использовать , какой банк лучше подключать . Как избежать блоков За любой ответ, буду признателен
  5. Z

    question about physical carding

    hi, i want to know how to get credit cards to then take out the numbers and put my own with the card embosser, is it a good idea to steal them? i want to use them in a pos, thanks. and where could i buy a card embosser, ive been lf on amazon, alibaba, aliexpress but idk if they are good and will...
  6. F

    Sell POS & GSM Skimmers

    About Frequency Skimmers. We are selling skimmers that are well built and will keep the consumers safe & secure. We are considered as certified and reputed sellers of kinds of ATM Skimmers, chip software, magnetic, Encoder, Magnetic software, and others. Our company is providing an advanced...
  7. Carding 4 Carders

    Новое вредоносное ПО MajikPOS нацелено на пользователей в Северной Америке и Канаде

    Компания Trend Micro обнаружила новое вредоносное ПО для PoS, отслеживаемое как MajikPOS, которое нацелено на бизнес в Северной Америке и Канаде. Эксперты по безопасности Trend Micro обнаружили новое вредоносное ПО для PoS, известное как MajikPOS, которое нацелено на бизнес в Северной Америке...
  8. Carding

    Point of Sale (POS)

    What Is a Point of Sale (POS)? Point of sale (POS), a critical piece of a point of purchase, refers to the place where a customer executes the payment for goods or services and where sales taxes may become payable. It can be in a physical store, where POS terminals and systems are used to...
  9. Carding

    vSkimmer, Another POS malware

    When i've view this post, content was already removed and member Banned. vSkimmer - Virtual Skimmer Functions: - Track 2 grabber - HTTP Loader (Download & Execute) - Update bot itself Working Modes: - Online: If internet is reachable it will try to bypass firewalls and communicate to a the...
  10. Carding

    Dump Memory Grabber / BlackPOS (Win32/Pocardler.A)

    Having a look on another POS malware named by AV guys BlackPOS: MD5: cbd268e260bf40c25f1bff8b85e04e01 The original exe is packed with UPX and have a size of (292 Kb) After unpacking the exe size is 754 Kb and the Time/Date Stamp: 512A2914 (24-02-2013 - 14:52:04) First seen in VirusTotal...
  11. F

    Продам разово ПОС(офлайн)

    Всех приветствую. Завалялся один лишний перепрошитый ПОС VeriFone vx670. Пока пристроить некуда, хочу скинуть и поиграть в покер. Отдам за 2к+100$ за комплект: загрузочный кабель+зарядное устройство+спецпереходник. Сам пос беспроводной, так что можно юзать где угодно, аккум заряд держит...
  12. T

    [FOR BRAZILIANS] PPC900 bluetooth -cor cinza - Serial

    Senhores e Senhoras , tenho o agrado de oferecer por primeira vez aqui no forum a venda de um PinPad Estou cendendo ppc900 cor cinza colhendo senha chip e tarja ,a maquina vem com memoria bluetooth de 2 gm , cristal de 1000 m , ou seja ela pode ser descarregada facilmente em ambientes fechados...
  13. winner13

    Подключение банкоматов и POS-терминалов к процессинговому серверу TCP/IP

    Общая информация по топологии, и схеме работы. Инкапсуляция асинхронных данных в TCP/IP — вариант с базовым ПО NSG, шасси NSG–500, подключение к серверу IP через сеть Ethernet. Для установления соединения POS-терминал выполняет скрипт: Послать символ <CR> Получить * Послать 111<CR> для...
  14. Steve jobs

    Продам оригинальный POS Verifone vx670

    Новый, в коробке, оригинальный(не переделан в ским) Отправлю почтой, продажа возможна через гарант сервис. Предлагайте цены в лс.
  15. kate

    www.kstuff.biz its HUGE Bases, HIGH Rates, BEST Prices, USER Friendly, ONLY Dumps

    Hello dear users, i'm glad to introduce you new dumps service based on main EU CA US IL stuff, fully automathed shop -> auto refund , bin last 4 digits and other search methods, easy to browse easy to buy, please read rules before you start purchasing. very affordable prices and huge valid...
  16. T

    WIFi Packet Interception cc+cvv2

    Hello , Masters of Scam and profesionals from computer , my question is easy. I have a wifi (WPA2 password) so they are a central that control a lot of other machines that connect to this network and send cc data so I have some experience sniffing data over serial port , but i have never seen...
  17. $

    Who Needs Nikkin's Fake Pos

    Looking for someone who needs Nikkon's fake pos. I can't skim so i want to buy is for anyone who needs it so i can have 50% of the person's share of the pin http://carder.market/showthread.php?p=189860#post189860
  18. Forum Library

    Codes of transactions

    AC - Authorisation Center № Name 00 Approved 01 Refer to Card Issuer 02 Refer to Card Issuer, special condition 03 Invalid Merchant 04 Pick up card 05 Do not honor 06 Error 07 Pick up card, special condition 08 Honor with identification 09 Request in progress 10 Approval for partial amount...
  19. Forum Library

    Коды POS-терминалов.

    AC - Authorisation Center Положительный ответ - код 00. Транзакция выполнена успешно. Клиент может уверенно подписывать чек. Код Name 00 Approved Успешная транзакция 01 Refer to Card Issuer Позвоните в AC 02 Refer to Card Issuer, special condition Позвоните в AC 03 Invalid Merchant Позвоните в...