1. Tomcat

    Binance user loses $1 million due to Chrome plugin

    The hacker gained control of the account of a Chinese trader on Binance, without having a password, and also without 2FA confirmation. After a series of transactions, the attacker withdrew assets worth $1 million. The incident occurred on May 24. In the process, the investor did not receive...
  2. Teacher

    CVE-2023-40000: Plugin as a path to sensitive data of 5 million WordPress sites

    Either the admin increases productivity, or hackers increase privileges. A flaw has been discovered in the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress that allows an attacker to increase their privileges. This was announced by Patchstack in a technical report. The Stored XSS vulnerability allows any...
  3. Carding 4 Carders

    Zero day in a WordPress plugin will put your site in the hands of hackers

    Has your site already been hacked? Then Royal Elementor is coming to you. Attackers are actively exploiting a critical vulnerability in the Royal Elementor Addons and Templates plugin for WordPress. Exploitation of the bug was noticed even before the manufacturer released a fix, which is why...
  4. BigBeast

    How to create antidetect from Regular Firefox?

    Today is a great day for pumping your own anonymity with the help of 6 interesting plugins: 1️⃣ CyDec Platform AntiFingerprint ( ) A plugin for the Firefox browser that allows you to replace top prints individually...
  5. Forum Library

    Ebay + FF = comfort )

    Surfing Internet in looking for interesting things for my favorite Firefox (to made it serving to my needs) and suddenly meet quite interesting things, that, seems could make (let just a little) your work with Ebay under Firefiox. If not – forgive me and don’t beat please. So let’s begin: 1...