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    An effective way to strip out plastic

    Today I will tell you how to correctly cash a card in ATM. The time when cash out was the easiest thing to do has already passed, and given modern realities, we need a modern approach. So, the main points that must be taken into account: 1) Disguise Or rather, everything that allows us not to...
  2. Noire

    Wincor, NCR selfserv, Diebold 2.5k only

    crazy price for skimmer just 2.5k ready to work (assembled) Limited time offer, come with read interrupted reader smaller than 007. Our bezel and reader are highest quality in the market, For more details please refer to my old thread and I accept escrow. Custom made all models usually takes 2...
  3. D

    Things to always remember, while working out of the city

    Working outside of your city is always problematic and expensive. But I hope everyone understands that it is better to go to another city than to work in your hometown. Everyone has their own priorities. If the road means freedom – we recommended packing up your belongings and go on a business...