1. Brother

    Password secrecy, blackmail from hackers and bitcoin turnover: practice of the Supreme Court on cybercrimes

    Is it permissible not to tell the investigator the password for a phone or tablet and how to interpret such behavior, what are the nuances of qualifying extortion via email, how does the defendant’s use of instant messengers affect the punishment - RAPSI recalls the most interesting explanations...
  2. Brother

    Critical error CVE-2024-20272 in Unity Connection allows you to get root rights without a password

    Cisco gave hackers free access to users devices. Cisco has fixed a critical vulnerability in Unity Connection that allows an unauthenticated attacker to remotely gain root rights on uncorrected devices. Unity Connection is a messaging platform and voice mail system that is part of the Cisco...
  3. Brother

    AutoSpill: All existing password managers are susceptible to data theft

    A study by Indian experts revealed a fundamental problem in Android security. At the Black Hat Europe was presented. Indian researchers at the International Institute of Information Technology in Hyderabad have found that most Android password managers are vulnerable to this attack, even...
  4. Carding 4 Carders

    Password - free access to your Google Account as a new digital security standard

    A California - based company is calling for a step forward to eliminate outdated passwords. Today, Google announced the ability to use a password-less authorization technology called "Passkey" or "access key" by default for all user accounts. This happened five months after the company...
  5. CreedX

    10 best password cracking tools

    PS: This article is presented for informational purposes only and does not constitute a call to action. All information is aimed at protecting readers from illegal actions. Passwords are the most commonly used method for authenticating users. Passwords are so popular because the logic behind...
  6. Carding 4 Carders

    Account hijacking with password reset feature

    There are several ways that can help you reset the password of any user on the site to hijack his account: 1. Include your mail as the second parameter (this way you can get the reset link): POST / resetPassword [...] email = victim @ & email = hacker @ 2. Brute force the reset...
  7. Carding

    Log into Blockchain wallet without Password | 2020 Method

    It’s everyone’s fantasy to login to others account without password. It would be even better if we could login to others accounts containing some $$. It sounds crazy but yes, today we are sharing a method using which you can login to others blockchain wallet without password or even email...
  8. P

    best safe encrypted messenger

    is better if you use WWW.PASSMESS.COM is similar , i mean is web2.0 and is DES encrypted..try free..registration is 3 fields take only 15 seconds
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  10. A

    Some P Accounts

    _______________________________ please if you find this benefit rep me ;) _______________________________ Hi everyone WUpload Premium Account: -Username: [email protected] -Password: asdfgh will add more _______________________________ please if you find this benefit rep me ;)...
  11. K

    Hack Facebook - I will pay

    Hello, I need someone to hack one facebook account. I have the email and the birthdate of the account owner. Please PM your price. I will pay with Liberty Reserve. Only serious people pls. Thanks
  12. flo

    4122002, password

    evasion, password ICQ# 4122002 Хотел продать человеку шоп. Дал ему его чтобы чекнул. Прошло пол дня, он его так и не чекнул. И теперь игнорит. Притензия 30 вмз. evasion (13:38:49 14/06/2010) Я насчет шопа с цветами. На какие суммы шипал? За сколько...