1. U

    Best VPN for carding?

    Hi guys, I'm not super new to carding been casually looking into it for about a year now, was just wonder what the best VPN is?
  2. BigBeast

    Help Regarding Buying Legit CC & CVV

  3. icymid

    CC Pokerstars Method 2021

    Today i'd like to share a method that might help you make some extra coins. What you will require is: -2 laptops or computers - CC info, - Address info, - Fake email for that profile - DOB helps if you have but if you make it up im sure it works also 1. First and foremost clean your...
  4. icymid

    "Newbie" INTRO

    I'm sure there's a bunch of reasons why we eventually turn to carding. Life has treated us like shit we grow up looking around you see everyone with things you want. You think being disciplined and humble in a world like this is what gets you far but unfortunately its the complete opposite. When...
  5. W

    online dump checker

    What's up guys and gals, this is a newbie section so I pray to the carding gods that you vets go easy on me. I've been researching for about 2 months now and have a lot of info (I'm sure there is much more to learn though). The one question I can never find a direct answer to is how to check the...