1. Carding

    Низкоуровневый взлом банкоматов NCR

    Существуют системы, доступа к которым у простых смертных нет по умолчанию. И разработчики таких систем наивно полагают, что они защищены от проникновения и зорких глаз исследователей. Взять хотя бы банкоматы (АТМ). Нередки случаи, когда к АТМ подходят неизвестные, подключают ноутбук, забирают...
  2. M

    I have NCR green round looking for pinpad

    Anyone??? Escrow only :)
  3. I


    Hi guys... I'am looking for a DIEBOLD OPTEVA skimmer, with integrated GUMCAM + battery. FLASH reader (no audio) ! I also buy parts (Like if you have only the mold, only the gumcam+batery etc) I only DEAL WITH ESCROW so serious seller O N L Y dont waste my time. I have a budget of 4500.00$...
  4. Noire

    All about skimmer, Reader, Cam, Molds and battery

    Enjoy the picture!!!:)
  5. C

    USB/AUDIO - atm skimmer + hidden cam kit *ready to use* (Diebold/Wincor/Ncr)

    oops delet did not read new rules
  6. Noire

    Wincor, NCR selfserv, Diebold 2.5k only

    crazy price for skimmer just 2.5k ready to work (assembled) Limited time offer, come with read interrupted reader smaller than 007. Our bezel and reader are highest quality in the market, For more details please refer to my old thread and I accept escrow. Custom made all models usually takes 2...
  7. Rafael101

    [Tut] How to Plug NCR Skimmer (Green Bazel) ?

    hacked account.. discoverred on time by me.. Password and email changed.. Links I believe virus.. I opened same links on other forum thus maybe was infected like this... (My apologies)
  8. Skimmer4Sale

    NCR Skimmer for Sale

    ESCROW ACCEPTED I have skimmer for NCR ATMs. You are installing the skimmer over the antiskimming device. I'm talking about the green bezel to protect ATM against skimmers. My skimmer is mounted over the green bezel. By this way you are bypassing the NCR ATM Card Reader Anti-Skimming Device...