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  1. Teacher

    Former employees decided that stealing trade secrets is a good way to make money

    Federal prosecutors in New York have charged Canadian Klaus Pflugbijl, 58, and Chinese Yilong Shao, 47, with conspiring to pass on trade secrets to Tesla. Pflugbijl was arrested Tuesday morning on Long Island. The man was sure that he was going to a meeting with buyers to discuss the deal, but...
  2. Teacher

    Business on blood: LockBit hackers make money on children's health

    It seems that the moral principles of the group have undergone a major change... Contrary to its policy of not attacking non-profit organizations, the hacker group LockBit recently claimed responsibility for an attack on a children's hospital in Chicago. In December 2022, when LockBit...
  3. S

    Cashing Out US Checks and Bank Logs

    If you got used checks and you wanna make good money hit me up so I can cash em. 50/50 splits, no bs. Got bank logs and you don’t know how to cashout? Hit me up. 50/50 splits. No bs. I’m also loading/paying off maxed out credit cards. Must have online access and send pics of card. I get paid...
  4. M

    Easy way to cashout live cc for beginners and pro carders

    Hi guys , I have got what every determined carder requires to make his 1st fraud cash. This method is very easy and can be done by any level of carder, no matter your location. The funniest part of this method is that it doesn't require much capital to start up. This carding method is what...
  5. G

    Pro Stuff Carders wanted

    Hi Friends, Im lookin for people who know everythin about carding. This means people who can card stuff easily and very fast. I always have deals here in my country starting by $100K. This is not joking. Can ask for 500, 1000 pcs of an item so if you think you can work on this, contact me...
  6. J

    just to experienced carders and who wants to make money

    im looking for a partner to card with me and share the earnings. i will give the cc´s i have 1000 cc and i have some drops in usa waiting for us. interested pm