1. *Robin_Hood*

    Using UK 201 in UK Stores...

    Please can anyone tell me if this is a good idea, to use UK 201 dumps in UK stores, using, "insert dead chip three times, then mag fallback" technique? I've read through the forum and seen different opinions. Some members saying it's more dangerous, and others are saying it works well since...
  2. M

    Signature panel

    What am i suppose to do about the signature panel, im just coming back from The mall and i bought some stuff but they asked my girl to show her id or anything with her name, thank god the store i went to didnt asked nd her cards matched her name, but what do i do the pen cant write on it so...
  3. M

    matching 4

    In 2012 whats stores don't check matching 4 or type last 4?
  4. M

    Reuse blank card

    First whoever is from nyc or buffalo hit me up nd to the question is it okay to have 1 card and just keep using it like puting a new dump on it each time the other one die? And when you put the new dump on the old card does it automatically delete the previous dump
  5. M

    Cosmo10 possible scammer

    Its been over 2 weeks since i paid him to make my card, he said he shipped them and they got sent back to him, so i gave him more time and still nothing. He wont even reply to me and yesterday he was online, i wrote him and den he signed off. He"s a possible scammer, i dont want to believe so...
  6. M


    Who instore card in Buffalo? if anyone lives there post here or pm me i wanna buy
  7. M

    Are there any NYC people

    Any instore carder from NYC that still card there i have a few questions please PM or leave icq, I have to continue learning about this, and im leaving to go back to buffalo in a week lol so take that in mind
  8. M

    embossed help

    If i buy embossed cards from a vendor, whats the next step i have to take to go instore carding?
  9. M

    Need help and information

    Im in NewYork so how would i instore card here? and whats the best equipment to have i really want to learn so please reply with contact info or just the thread. Thankyou
  10. M

    Instore Carding

    I have multiple questions, im new and I wanna learn this the most. For instance what do i need and what is the best stuff to get to complete this operation? and whats the best prices and places i can obtain these items i need to start? If anybody is willing to help im ready and here to listen...
  11. Lucy

    Comic about instore

    Just made comic. Hope you like it. More to come soon. :cool:
  12. slacker

    How to Card Instore With Confidence

    This article is to help the newbies card instore without shitting their pants. I wish I had read this when I was first starting out because I was scared shitless when I started out. Sometimes I would get scared and not go through with it. I would drink a little beer or pop pills to get me over...
  13. K

    Amex - instore carding -

    If you have an amex dump rewrited into a real amex with fake ID, what kind of products will you buy? or similar question, what would you do to extract maximum value of your dump? if you are absolutely sure of the quality of your dump Is there a way to determine what is the balance of the amex...