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    Top up gambling

    A little about how gemble works. I don't even need to say that it's worth pouring from apps. Today, this pouring option is superior to pouring on the link, if only because If only because it is easier to promote applications, and it will not disappear from the user's phone after it banned from...
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    Poker manual. Part 2 – fraud inside the room.

    So we already have an account with money. Further we can: - bet and win till $2000 on balance and: 1) sell for 10-20% from balance (deposit without withdraw 15-20%. To withdraw is possible only on Visa CCs which were made not in USA). Maximum profit from account is about $400. 2) “lose” won...
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    Poker manual. Part1 – carding.

    Countries: Best: ES, FR, DE, AU, IT, FI. (possible deposit withdraw, acceptance of lots of bins) Where can be problems: US, CA, UK. ( USA and CA don’t accept gambling money, UK cards are dying quick and can have too little balance or SMS-alerts); Some rooms which accept USA CC: SportsBook Poker...
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    True story about casinos.

    Hi everybody! So this story began in rainy autumn some years ago. Me and my partner had stable profit from stuff carding but we want something more than simple order-waiting. We want passion, adrenaline. And we turned our mind to casino. We didn’t have casino-carders among our friends, so we...
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    Why casino gives bonuses? (Tale about Russian bonus-hunting).

    Answer this question seems is easy: to attract new players. For about 7-8 years ago when gambling business in the Internet just began to promote it was so. For carders working with casino it was “gold time”. Casino from microgambling accept any payments from credit cards with pleasure. Even CVV...