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    Is this possible to card with the 226 service code card?

    Hello, I've been trying to do some carding with my own credit card data on the blank card. I've seen a lot of people use 201 because these are the best. I've been trying to card my own card with ATM and magstripe method but these are not working, maybe it is because of modern POS terminals and...
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    Tired of losing money trying to find the right BIN and Carding method? Then fuck that shit. Buy an invitecode for! -55% off this Week

    Before you read: If this sounds too good and easy to be true and you wont believe it, google it urself dumbass If you never heard of Genesis before, congrats: you are retarded. Genesis is a fully-gated, invitation-only, English-language automated vending cart (AVC) site focused on the sale...
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    Генерация MRZ кода

    Всем привет! Сегодня будем учиться генерировать MRZ строку в паспорте. Вся генерация будет проводиться на сайте Для примера возьмём страну AU (Австралию). Начало генерации проводим с анализа MRZ строки в паспорте всё тут же...
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    Codes of transactions

    AC - Authorisation Center № Name 00 Approved 01 Refer to Card Issuer 02 Refer to Card Issuer, special condition 03 Invalid Merchant 04 Pick up card 05 Do not honor 06 Error 07 Pick up card, special condition 08 Honor with identification 09 Request in progress 10 Approval for partial amount...