1. Tomcat

    Is your bank card with a chip safe? Depends on the bank.

    Bank cards with a chip are designed so that it doesn't make sense to clone them with skimmers or malware when you pay using the card's chip rather than a magnetic stripe. However, several recent attacks on American stores show that thieves are exploiting weaknesses in the implementation of this...
  2. Father

    Why do you need a chip: how do bank chip cards work?

    We often pay attention to the chips in our bank cards. But why are they needed? How do chip cards work? What does the future hold for us in the field of payment systems? In 2006, people did not believe it when they were told that in a few years all payment (plastic) cards in the world will...
  3. Father

    Two Chinese people are going to be jailed for 55 years for exporting chip manufacturing equipment from the United States

    Two Chinese citizens were charged in the United States with attempting to illegally export chip manufacturing equipment to a sanctioned Chinese company. The "war of chips" unleashed by the United States against China affects not only the economy, but also specific people who face prison...
  4. Father

    Hack AI is no longer possible: MIT creates a chip that is invulnerable to hackers

    A new chip for machine learning will prevent hacking and change the design of devices. MIT developed a new type of machine learning accelerator that is resistant to the most common types of attacks. The device allows you to safely process health applications on smartphones, without sacrificing...
  5. Lord777

    China's ACCEL: A photonic chip that could outshine Nvidia

    China responded to the technological blockade by creating a chip that bypasses all barriers. Chinese scientists have unveiled a breakthrough in artificial intelligence by creating a chip that outstrips current high-performance AI chips in terms of speed for tasks such as image recognition and...
  6. Carding 4 Carders

    Kaspersky Lab "digitized" the human brain in a neuromorphic chip

    The processor will usher in a new era of AI with significantly lower power consumption. Kaspersky Lab has made a new breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence-neuromorphic chips that can simulate the work of the human brain with significantly lower energy consumption and high data...
  7. CarderPlanet


    Bank card cloning is one of the most common fraudulent methods in this area. It allows attackers not only to make one-time unauthorized transactions or steal personal data, but also to create an exact copy of the card, suitable for multiple payments. Therefore, everyone should know how to...
  8. jahjakillz

    Looking for Gas pump skimmer

    hi guy im looking for gaz pump skimmer . actualy the chip that you put inside the machine. if anyone know where to get one or how to build one plz respond thank you;)
  9. Lucy

    Chip + Pin Implementation

    Well, chip + pin is not easy to defraud. What will you do when it gets implemented all over the world ? Eventually it will. :) I have seen some white hat presentations of bypassing it but still not very convinced if it will be useful for the blackhat scene.
  10. J

    DUKPT Logger Needed

    Hi, Am a beginner here, anyway here's the scenario. There are a bunch of financial POS servers running a system called Radi**t which logs EMV Tracks, in a Derived User Key Per Transaction DUKPT format. I could read the tracks which is on filenames with extension .emv, .log, .dmp, which are 201...