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  1. Father

    All about checking cards for validity

    I was inspired to write this text by the phrase “a checker that doesn’t kill CC”, in order to encounter less of this insanity, I decided to chew on this topic and convey: “any checker can ruin CC.” Points considered: 1. How are CC blocked? 2. How are CCs minted? 3. How to check CC? 4. Where can...
  2. MilesBroker

    CC Checker - | 100 check = $15

    Bot checker CC When checking, we use pre-authorization (zero check) so that your card remains working after checking We do not log or save card data the whole story is only in your message history with the bot. The cost of one check: $0.12 new users 2 checks for free! Bot: @iMcheker_Bot
  3. dunkelh3it

    How to check cc

    Required to use USA IP! 1. Have a valid Credit Card. 2. Go '][/URL] 3. For example, planned purchase worth $ 699.99 on another site, then type a basket here for that amount. If you cannot find the exact amount, you can specify a little more. The important thing is to know if you have enough...
  4. PrivatnO

    Checking your cc for validity on

    Easy way to check your cc for valid on (kills less cc than try2check or luxchecker) First you need to make a booking on for any big chain hotel, then you go to your boking confirmation and press on manage my booking. Then on right hand corner you see option Update credit...
  5. GoldCheck

    GoldCheck. BEST CHECKER SERVICE | 1 check = 0.25$ | API

    GoldCheck @GoldCheckbot has moved to a new domain : @GoldCheck2bot ! We continue to work in the same mode! If you are a current Gold Check user, go to the @GoldCheck2bot and check your balance. We have restored your funds and improved the bot's performance. The bot is faster and more...
  6. S

    Checker [cc, dumps] & secret partition service:

    -=Online checker service In panel our checker possible check CC & DUMPS, available next options: [+] CC checker [+] AVS checker (optional) [+] Dumps checker [+] mode Authorize - standart checker for all cc systems [+] mode Pre-Auth - check the card without any charges from...
  7. Try2CheckMe

    TRY2CHECK - Legendary OG CC/Dumps Checking Service

    We are back public with our completely re-made Try2CheckMe Services! What's new: - Speed of checking process for your cards and dumps increased x100! - New methods to make bank believe it's legit transactions - Real world merchants only! No donations, no test accounts, no fake. - More formats...
  8. Songer

    [FREE Check] For you !

    del what ever .. -5 .... omfg
  9. D


    Hello, Today I Will Show All My Method To Check CC , It is very Simple and Easy . FIRST STEP: WWW.TRAVIAN.COM CHECK YOUR MAIL ATTENTION : Every 5 Payment Should Create Another Account And Change Your IP GOOD LUCK FOR ALL AND DONT FORGET ME WITH SOME CC VALID :D :D