1. Lord777

    Outlaws: the most famous carders

    In the previous issue, we talked about what carding is and how it is punished. SWAT teams, fraud charges, and years in prison are the price paid by the most famous carders for stealing billions of dollars. Today we will talk about the most famous carders and what has become of them. Content...
  2. W

    Gmail 2FA Bypass

    Hello, I need help accessing a gmail account that has 2FA. I don’t have the phone number associated with the gmail, but I have the username and password. I hope there’s a way you could help out.
  3. 0101010


    Hello guys i really like this Video and i want to share it with you guys i have some Question How come from CarderPlanet? and why is CarderPlanet was so Important Forum for Carding? why does CarderPlanet is Shut now?
  4. Carding

    How the world's largest carding forum was created

    US intelligence agencies often catch "Russian" hackers and carders. A young man was slowly sipping a cocktail at nice airport, leaving after a rough rest, when a special forces squad burst into the waiting room. In the hacker world, Khorokhorin is better known under the pseudonym BadB. American...
  5. Forum Library


    Часть I: Часть II: Часть III: Часть V: В 51-м выпуске Сергей Павлович продолжает серию видео о своей книге «Как я украл миллион. Исповедь раскаявшегося кардера» и о становлении русской киберпреступности в целом. Как появились и какими были первые кардерские форумы, кто их создал, какие...
  6. Morr

    архив carderplanet

    Архив carderplanet (CP, планета) за 2004-й год! (c) взято на antichat
  7. admin

    Information for reflexion

    Here that the text which has been written in the arch of rules of a planet, till now remains actual. Read and do conclusions: Carderplanet does not bear moral and material problems which probably can happens with one of members. People - the divine creations to which can vary. Becoming the...