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  1. Carding 4 Carders


    That is the question. Bill - Billing Address - cardholder registration address. Ship - Shipping Address - delivery address. Carding on different bills and ships is the carding method that I have been using most often lately. Most often I am told that it is simply not possible, that shops do...
  2. CUK77

    Биллинг / шиппинг

    Заходим в шоп косметики и выбираем товар, кладем в корзину. Затем нажимаем на корзину и выбираем CHECKOUT. Далее нам предлагают выбрать варианты доставки и заполнить Shipping и Billing Address. Заполняем Shipping Address (адрес доставки): First Name Имя Last Name Фамилия Phone: телефон (пишем...
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    Time of billing address changing.

    It’s nor a secret that right after making enroll address changes not in every bank. I know one only – directmerchants. Bank Databases should be updated, servers should be rebooted. By my experience was founded that in first for example address changes (marked by capital letters, ZIP has had 9...