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    First deals on eBay for newbies.

    This article is mainly for beginners who still don’t know how to begin. So first you should do – learn language you’re going to communicate with customers well. If you can’t – forget about auctions. Selling – it’s communication firstly. And you won’t be able to sell anything without...
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    eBay FAQ for everybody

    Q: Is work with Ebay still actual? A: It’s will be actual ever till there are trustful people;. Q: Is it worth to start from Ebay? A: No you shouldn’t. Ebay working is difficult for the beginner and you can just loose your money; Q: What of Ebay ( .com, .de, etc) is worth to be chosen...
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    How to remove negative feedback.

    Most of you know that on auction Ebay there is rating system. After the end of selling lot seller and customer change feedbacks. If all was successful each other leaves positive feedback. If somebody wasn’t agree with something – he leaves negative feedback. But often feedback wasn’t deserved by...
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    Help for stuffer or how to work without drops

    Article was written by non-profy without any targets just for observing. Intro. It was happened that I was sitting and communicating with stuffer about drops. Was hearing how hard to work now - few cardable shops, how it dies as newbies try without experience. And main: how difficult to...