1. BigBeast

    Useful resources for pentesters and hackers

    Hacking manuals: ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️
  2. Lord777

    Where to download viruses to study and check antivirus

    Usually we don't look for viruses, they find us themselves. But there are those who need viruses, and even those who collect these viruses. In today's article I will tell you about such people and about how to create a harmless virus to test protection tools, and about where to download viruses...
  3. Lord777

    How antivirus programs work

    Discussions about whether antiviruses are necessary or completely useless have not subsided since the advent of the antivirus applications themselves. Approximately the same amount of time is spent in the ongoing struggle between virus makers and security software manufacturers: some are...
  4. Carding 4 Carders

    Getting started with Botting

    Programming Languages Picking up future languages will become easier. Python Platforms: Windows/macOS/Linux Difficulty: Easy Pros: - Easy to learn - Batteries included - Cross platform - Great for command line programs Cons: - Slow (but usually good enough) - Being easy encourages bad...
  5. Forum Library

    Avira + keygen до 2011-го сетуп файл в папке - /basic/