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The Black Book 1.3

Opening: Greetings! Welcome to my first major production. What the hell is this guy babbling about "black books"? Well, in the 60's a special forces program was developed at the Frankford arsenal to develop and test improvised explosives. What you see here are the results of these tests. Typed directly from Army TM 31-210 and Desert Publication's Black Book Vol. III.

Disclaimer: I take absolutely no responsibility for the use of this material, whether it be direct or indirect. What I have done here is simply provide this information for one purpose only (har har) and that is for informational purposes only. All information here, however, should be taken as seriously as the bible. You can very easily fuck up and get killed. Please be very, very careful (shit, I sound like your mother) when dealing with any of the items presented here. Note especially the section on improvised pistols.
thanx. and by god...

What would you guys like next?
(note: the first (good) part of the poor mans james bond is in the works.. I am sick of seeing all of his good book trashed into many files, so I will present it (like this) in volume form..)
Poor mans James bond (first section only... its all that is good)
Anarchist cookbook (oohhhh nooo...)
Principles of Improvised Explosive Devices (a bunch of switches and initiators)
FM 5-20 Camouflage
Complete guide to lock picking
Get Even I and II
TM 31-200-1 Unconventional warfare- both of these are about sabotage mainly
TM 31-201-1 Unconventional warfare references
Grandads Book of Chemistry (are you kidding?)
FM 3-50-1 Deliberate Smoke Operations (just for that HS lunchroom...)
FM 23-30 Grenades and Pyrotechnics
ST 21-75-3 Dismounted Patroling
FM 5-15 Field Fortification
U.S. Navy Seal Manual- underwater demolitions, etc.. good book.
Improvised Munition Systems
Special Forces HandbookSpecial Forces Operational Techniques
Anarchist HANDBOOK
Weaponeer (another from 'ole Kurt Saxon)
Imp. Weapons of Modern Ninja (supposed to be good, its on order..)
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